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Prior to establishing his own company, Edward Olshanetsky played a major role in expanding the business brokerage company of Business Team Inc. from 1986 to 1989. As Vice-President of Business Team he established and managed the San Francisco and Walnut Creek offices. Before working at Business Team, he was the top sales agent at A/M Business Brokerage in San Francisco from 1983 to 1986.

Edward Olshanetsky was the CEO and founder of Business Investment Management, Inc., which has now ceased operations. Established in 1989, Business Investment Management specialized in the sale and purchase of businesses including mergers and acquisitions of private companies.Currently there is a company Business Appraisal Institute, the owner of which is Edward Olshanetsky, provides services for valuation are provided for use in valuing ESOPs, partnership interests, and acquisition or sale of businesses and Business Consulting Services. In addition, expert witness testimony services are provided for business and lease contracts.

With over 20 years of experience, Edward Olshanetsky has represented clients in the sale, appraisal, merger and acquisition of businesses in the following industries:

  • Restaurants, Nightclubs/Bars, Bakeries
  • Retail, Convenience Stores, Wholesale/Distribution
  • Gas Stations, Auto Repair
  • Pharmacies, Health Clubs, Assisted Care
  • Professional Services Firms

Professional qualifications of Edward Olshanetsky also include:

  • Supervision of merger/acquisition transactions for corporate clients
  • Evaluation of financial profit and loss statements balance sheets
  • Facilitation of loans and finances to finalize deals
  • Identifying potential acquisition targets for corporate clients

Edward Olshanetsky has also been an expert witness and provided testimony for court cases related to the following areas:

  • Commercial Lease Assignments
  • Business Brokerage Practices
  • Purchase or Sale Agreements
  • Valuation Of Businesses

The following San Francisco Bay Area law firms have used the services of Edward Olshanetsky and Business Appraisal Institute in regards to business valuation, business brokerage practices, commercial lease assignments and expert witness testimony:

  • Greenan, Peffer, Sallander, Lally, LLP
  • Stanley Anthony Shulster
  • Mark M. Garay
  • Miller & Beck
  • Shartsis Friese LLP
  • Law Offices of Edward L. Blum

In addition, Edward Olshanetsky has a Master of Science in Power Station Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Odessa, Ukraine. With over 20 years in the business brokerage and valuation sector, Edward Olshanetsky has also gained recognition among some of San Francisco’s prominent civic leaders through his involvement in community improvement projects.

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